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Welcome to our information portal for bollywood dance. Here we promote bollywood dance. Anyone willing to learn bollywood dance, classical or semi-classical Indian dance are welcome to contact us using the feedback form

We will do all possible things to adjust our timings, days or even teaching you one one to one basis initially to get up to the speed. You are welcome to take a trial and your first lesson will be free of charge.

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Indian Dance | Classical Dance

Indian classical dance is a relatively new umbrella term for various codified art forms rooted in Natya, the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles, whose theory can be traced back to the Natya Shastra of Bharata Muni (400 BC). These are:

  • Dances performed inside the sanctum of the temple according to the rituals were called Agama Nartanam. Natya Shastra classifies this type of dance form as margi, or the soul-liberating dance, unlike the desi (purely entertaining) forms.
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